Bringing Whole-Person Well-being into Focus

Sandy Blaine

July 14, 2022

We are passionate about well-being and have a vision of contributing to the positive psychology mission of increasing the amount of happiness and well-being in the world. To that end, wowe is a comprehensive well-being platform aimed at encouraging users to build sustainable habits that support leading a balanced, flourishing life.

Our view of well-being takes into consideration the whole-person. We take a personalized approach when providing your recommendations, which is based on understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to well-being. Each of us is unique and marches to our own drummer.

These essential dimensions, which are reflected in our wheel and are the areas that we consider essential to attend to for living a fulfilled and flourishing life, encompass these six aspects of your life and your well-being:

Physical — You and your body: Your health, vitality, energy, exercise, nutrition, sleep, relaxation.

Emotional — Your relationship with yourself and your personal strengths and inner resources: Your temperament, mood, stability, resilience, self-acceptance, self-esteem, your capacity for self-compassion, and your mind/body connection.

Relationships — You and the people in your life: Your social life, friends, community, romantic life, partnership/marriage, family, connection, and sense of belonging.

Environment — Everything about where you live: Your home, locale, sense of your place in the world, community, time in nature, your "happy place," and how you live on the planet.

Passion - Your sense of purpose, meaning, engagement, accomplishment, and fulfillment. What you're most excited about when you get out of bed in the morning and makes life feel most worth living. This can be any or all of the following: your career/work/occupation; hobbies/intellectual interests/creative pursuits; personal growth endeavors.

Transcendence - Your spirituality/religion/belief system; values and ethics; views on the meaning of life; also how you contribute to the well-being of others and/or feel part of something larger than yourself.

Taken altogether, these six dimensions are the areas that we consider essential for living a fulfilled, happy, flourishing life. Although they are all equally important, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a most important dimension for you. Life is not static, and at any moment, any one of these six dimensions might need extra attention or take center stage for a time.

Our wowe wheel is a way of looking at the different slices of well-being, not as a spectrum or a pyramid, but as a circle. If you spin the wheel, one dimension might come into focus, but the whole wheel is impacted. In other words, just like the turning of a wheel, when we give attention to and create movement in one dimension, all the others move with it and are positively affected.

Whichever dimensions you choose to focus on or that wowe suggests for you at any given time, your wowe wheel will keep turning! And over time, we’ll encourage you to focus on all the dimensions for a balanced, comprehensive experience of well-being that will allow you to truly thrive. You can continually use your wowe recommended activities to build new habits, explore new facets of yourself, and keep evolving and elevating the different aspects of your well-being.

Because we believe that, just like life, well-being is a journey rather than an event, we think of that “wow” as the realization of a flourishing life, which means evolving our well-being as we grow and change throughout our lifetimes.

Download wowe now to get started on your journey.

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