What's In A Name

Mamta Chaurdia

June 1, 2022

Our journey to “finding” wowe began with the realization that the relationship between work and life was no longer in balance. The two have become so intertwined that we need to start to think of it (if you’re not already) as work-life harmony.

The new normal created in the wake of the pandemic has highlighted how much things have changed. One thing that humans are best equipped to do is to adapt to changing circumstances. Some of us may be able to do it more naturally while others might need some help.

wowe came to life because we wanted to help individuals thrive and create this harmony in our new normal.

wowe is a whole-person well-being platform, rooted in the science of positive psychology and aimed at encouraging users to build sustainable habits that support leading a balanced, flourishing life.

We look at well-being in a holistic way and believe that in order for an individual to thrive, all of the various dimensions that contribute to who they are should be given attention. These dimensions are - physical wellness, emotional well-being, your passions, your environment, transcendence, and your relationships. Read all about these dimensions in our Whole-Person Well-Being blog.

Based on this premise and the research within positive psychology that supports it, our well-being wheel was born. While we had initially envisioned this as well-being platform for enterprises, we quickly realized that there was no reason why our platform could not be extended to everyone! Because, shouldn’t well-being be something that we ALL focus on, no matter what walk of life we come from? Stay-at-home parents, employees in corporate jobs, healthcare workers, students, first responders, veterans—the list is endless.

If you have not already put all the pieces of the puzzle together, wowe stands for Wheel of Wellbeing for Everyone and is pronounced as wow. Quite serendipitous, don’t you think? Cause, we would love to have you join us and partner with you on your journey from well to wowe.

Want to know more about us and how we can help? Download wowe here or if you are an enterprise and would like to see a demo, reach out to us at demo@wowe.app

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